London, you again.

I left London years ago. I literally cried all the way back to Italy, and by “all the way back” I mean from the bus I took at East Dulwich to Victoria Station, from Victoria Station to the stop for the Gatwick Express (where I couldn’t even sit for 5minutes), from the Gatwick Express to the Airport, to the Airport from the Security Check and Gate, from the Gate to the Plain, from the plain to Fiumicino Airport and since there a part of me has never stop crying (that’s me being a drama queen, sorry but it sounded romantic – in a way).

One thing I know: London was the first place after more than 10 years where I really felt I was “at home”.

I left London years ago and I never went back, like I do with men, I sit and pray for their happiness but I never go back to them – even when I miss them so much that I cannot breathe (sorry, I am being a drama queen again, but hey!)

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A couple of months ago I decided I should change something in my life (no, I’m not saying that I’m gonna do it with this blog, I am not crazy dudes), but I decided I should really start making my life better – even if I already enjoy it a lot. Heartbroken? Ok, don’t wait years before dating someone else, go out and have that damn cappuccino with that damn cute boy! Do you want spend all your money to buy art? Goddammit do it lady! Wanna be happy? Start now – at least you tried.

Back to my short weekend in London (weekends are always too short, I know). It was simply amazing, it was exactly what I needed at that time, a breath of fresh air.

Despite its brevity, I had the time to have delicious meals around the city, visit the Tate Modern (always my fav) and a beautiful Modigliani exhibit there (no pics allowed, sorry), do some vintage shopping (mostly paintings and books) and browse around with my friend. It has been amazing, relaxing and fun.

Mention of honour: Social Heating House. Oh Lord, I’m still thinking about that dinner. Food was more than delicious, service was coordinated like a ballet and cocktails were on point! Highly recommended – sure I’ll there again soon.

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