BAD Belgium Art & Design – Design Markt Gent (2018)

postgentOk. Ok. Ok. Probably by now you’ll be thinking that maybe I’m a design freak but as already told you, I am not an expert, I just really-really-really like everything that’s art and design – some of you are for sure thinking now that I just like expensive stuff, that might be true, whatever.

Truth is that I feel very lucky I have the opportunity to visit all these fairs and initiatives where I can stare at chairs and pieces of furniture without being identified as a dull freak who loves to stare at random furniture – just kidding, maybe.

This was my first time at the Design Martk / BAD (Belgium Art & Design), which took place in the lovely Gent and yes, I know I have a certain feeling with the Dutch-speaking part of this tiny beautiful country, what can I say. I have also started to study Dutch, but that’s a whole different story.

I won’t bother you now with many details, but I can say I really enjoyed the fair, especially the spaces dedicated to art galleries and contemporary/vintage furniture (a bit less the fashion corner, but maybe that’s me, maybe I just didn’t fall in love with the fashion corner as much as I did with the art and furniture spaces – even though there were some nice stuff there too!). By the way, don’t get me wrong, the fair was great! The atmosphere was really enjoyable and people seemed to be happy – maybe I’m not the one happy surrounded by furniture and art!

For those of you that already follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen a couple of these pics on my Instagram stories (for sure not the ones of the city at leats) but hey, sharing is caring so here you are some shoots from my lovely day in Gent – even if it was months ago.

PS. This article’s featured pic was also shared by the guys behind #belgiebelle instagram account. Go check it out and show this tiny country some of your love!

PPS. I know, I messed up with the chronological order in which I should have posted this. Actually, the Design Markt took place before the Brussels Design Market but hey, I remembered I have some pics only today. Sorry not sorry.