Brussels Design Market – stuff I bought there

Here we are again – a bit late, I know. I’ve promised you I would have showed you the stuff I bought as a gift to myself to celebrate I don’t know what (myself? how selfish you’re gonna think I am but hey who cares), but I have to admit I kinda hate this. I mean, I haven’t (re)opened a blog to tell people how cool I am (I am not – trust me), what I have or how money I spend on stuff and on which stuff (hate people who does that, but above all those who judges others’ expenses), but a promise is a promise.

*spoiler alert* this post might be a bit melancholic, or maybe just a bit crazy, or romantic, or whatever – just a bit of a mess, just like me, just like everything, but that’s the beauty that resides in all, isn’t it?

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Ok then, back to my promise, before telling you what I bought, let me say something about the – wonderful – people that I’ve met there and particularly about these two that sold me some art. – and ps. sorry for all the mistakes I’ll make, English isn’t my mother tongue and late at night I get even more distracted than usual (tons of typos are coming, be prepared).

Back to those wonderful people I met and sold me some pieces of art from another, more romantic era… I am not entirely sure of it, but I think they were a couple – or maybe friends, or siblings, or whatever, but they had that sort of connection that comes out only when you really know someone, only when you have had spent a lot of time with that someone, and yes, I still do believe they were a couple, a wonderful one, to be honest. But let me start from the beginning.

I was browsing into the fair, excited like a kid, quiet as usual. I moved fast forward trough the hall dedicated to vintage clothes (read as: I felt in love with so many pieces in only 5 minutes I had to literally escape from there) and I finally arrived – after a quick stop to take a picture of the lovely food area in which every single piece of furniture was on sell – in the hall where all the things there were all available for purchase, and at reasonable prices. There were also a second hall, with real exhibits and mise en scenes of the best design shops from all over Europe, but I arrived there with my pocket already empty – not that I could afford 10k chairs btw.

Quietly excited I was taking pictures and smiling at chairs like a real idiot (I didn’t even took enough – or enough good – pictures ’cause I was too keen at smiling at furniture, do you understand now?), and then I saw something that captured my attention in a different way. I wasn’t only smiling, I could hear a soft voice calling my name (nope, I am not taking any strange medication and I do not suffer from any disease, I swear). I followed that sort of voice and I arrived at the stand of this beautiful couple (ok, let’s all pretend here that they were a couple as a narrative expedient, even if we don’t really know, ok?! it’s more romantic that way, case closed).

She was blond, and kind, and all smiles, while trying to give a certain order to her stand full of wonderful old fashioned posters and lithography. He was a gentle man, he spoke Dutch but preferred French instead of English, “maybe he is a native French who moved to Flanders for love” I guessed for a moment, when he couldn’t do something and whispered “ppff, oh…“. He wore glasses, grey hair and was a bit of a mess, in the most kind way I could say that. I suddenly thought he was the creative one and she, oh, she was the well-organised always-organised-often-misunderstood-one, like me – , she was the woman who always had to play the role of the commander in chief. They were beautiful in their own special way – or maybe I was and I am too dreamy abut this things but who cares.

Now, for those who don’t know – i.e. also most of my so-called friends – I am not shy, but a real introvert, which is kinda different. Said that, can you imagine how difficult was that for me? To go there, say hi and try to discover more about them and their beautiful pieces of art? Worse than a nightmare. But. Unexpectedly, it came out pretty easy – I was dying inside and had the feeling I was sweating even if I wasn’t, but let’s say was eas-ier than expected. They kind of read something inside me, something that maybe was all over my face, and they asked stuff about me, about my roots, about my passion for art, they were shocked to know I wasn’t working in art but deeply into the EUBubble and they gently whispered what sounded more like a suggestion… “Well, maybe one day“. They knew me well, they knew me better than most of the people I know – and no, wasn’t just to sell me something, trust me.

They took their time to talk to me, I mean, to REALLY talk to me, explain to me the story of their original lithographs, their posters, the whole collection they were exhibiting/pieces they were selling there and so on. They talk to me about art, about communication, about Dutch (the only thing I can say is still “thank you” but hey at least I am being polite with the only word I know). They even seemed to like me, and I like them a lot. I would have spent my entire day with them, dammit.

At the end of our quick but lovely chat they wished me luck, gave my their business card and invited me to go say hi to them the next time I’ll be in Antwerpen. They said goodbye and excuses themselves cause they haven’t any bags with them and yes I had to carry around with me a 50*70 and a little but super heavy second lithograph the whole day, but at that point I loved them (them and my two purchases too, I confess) no matter what.

So, to sum up and after having gave you already a clue on what I bought, which was supposed to be the whole damn point here… *or maybe I just wanted to tell you a beautiful story of a quick connection with somebody, thanks to art* here you are, pictures of my purchases.
(Continues after pictures…)


The bigger (and yellow! yay!) one is an affiche originale of the 1952 Matisse exhibit “Dessins Récents” (50*70cm and I still have to buy an adequate frame I know I’m a bad person). The second (and maybe my fav, sorry Matisse) is a Picasso petite lithograph from the “Atelier Mourlot” (Femme au Fauteuil, N° 1 d’apres le rouge), from ’49.  (If you don’t know the atelier and the maître-imprimeur lithographeFernand Mourlot, please have a look at its story on the internet!, you’ll be amazed!)

I had to admit that day there were a lot of other things that I loved, but these two were my favourites (still thinking about another Picasso lithograph though…). I don’t exactly know what captured me at first sight, but I think I loved the warm and shining yellow of the Matisse lithograph/poster (and oh, I love Matisse!), and also the idea of an orifianl affiche that was in good quality, not that posters that people download from the internet for craps (sorry). For the Femme au fauteuil lil lithography what made me choose her was for sure the look of that femme, she was kind of looking at me, like if she was looking at a mirror, like if I was looking at a mirror, and I couldn’t resist. I think that was it. – and also because, let’s be honest, I had to choose and couldn’t buy the whole exhibit.

But what about you? Do you like them? Not that I really care but… [just kidding]. What is your relationship with art? Are you a passionate expert? Are you an artist, maybe? I love art, I am not an expert as I said, but art, literature, design, fashion, music (basically it’s all art but in different forms, I know) is what really makes me happy, you know. I want to make something out of all this love – but don’t ask me what, I am still processing, making questions to myself.

Btw, I am so desperately in love with these two, I can’t wait to buy some more and fill my house with art – to fill my heart with joy.

Be happy guys, always!


(*)Not lying, I just wrote this ages ago, during one of my nights without sleep.