(Very) Late Post: Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2018

I know, maybe I should stop going to this kind of places and buying stuff but I can’t help myself. And also, why would I?

A few weekends ago I attended the Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2018 Ed., I had tickets since a couple of month (or since January, can’t even remember that) so I had no excuses to not to go. And also, why wouldn’t I? bis.

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This time I had the pleasure to benefit of the good company of a good friend (and his lovely dog) and a friend of her visiting from Slovakia. Basically, a bunch of art lovers and a dog, which can easily be the opening line for a bad joke but I promise it won’t.

Just to give you bit of background, the Affordable Art Fair is an – absofuckinglutely amazing – initiative born in October 1999, London. The fair is now organised in different cities around the word, 10 to be precise, and of course, in Brussels.

I wanted to go last year already, but you know a full time job and my second post grad didn’t’ allow me to a lot of free time and fun. Finally this year, my special treat-yo-self (quote) year, I went there and – as it happened for the design market which I already explored with you on these virtual pages – I was quietly excited about this. Happy and remotely desperate if I though at my finances for a second – just kidding guys, I am a – circa – wise person.

Also, this year the fair dedicated 100mq to young talents, which personally, I think it’s amazing. Young talents deserves to be on the spotlight, tthey deserves space and most of all they deserve love from all around – which I gave them, but hey I resisted and not buy that pictures I fell in love at first sight, or oh well… I didn’t, for now.

Oh, and for your info, my dearest art geeks, this incredibly beautiful space for young talents was curated by the La peau de l’ours gallery, where the responsible person was extremely kind and helpful during the fair (sorry can’t remember your name but trust me I love you – and I’m also to tired to google you). He took his time to explain to me a bit more about the amazing work of some of the artist being exposed these, especially the beautifully “altered” pictures of Olivia Descampe that I loved… and I have to admit I am still in love with! Still haven’t decided which one of the pics I saw there I liked the most, but pretty sure I’m gonna have one – or a couple – of this pieces hanging in my tiny apartment. Take a few moments to have a look at her latest work on her website (link up on her name, click!), I found them dreamy, melancholic and at the same time extremely soft and beautiful… A real coup de foudre!


But back to my personal experience (do not think about that pictures! do not think about that pictures!), I found the fair very well organised (hey guys, if you will ever read that, can I volunteer for you next year? How does it works here in Bruxelles? expect an email from me soon!), with no queue at the entrance, volunteers (are they employees maybe? who knows) at every corner and a very well set-up systems for purchases/deliveries and stuff.

Also, cause you know I love food maybe more than everything else (that’s maybe a lie but well describe my love for food), bug up for the food corners and bars around the fair. Not a Michelin star, but hey, everything was delicious, clean, simple and nice. Well done guys! Of course there’s a lot of stuff that can be improved, there always is, but my first experience there was on point!

Oh, and yes, of course I bought something – do I have a prob with art-purchases-addiction or something like that? Does a disease like that even exist? Is it maybe called happiness? Am I becoming poor? Who knows, let’s let the next generations answer that…

Btw, what I bought. Let’s go straight to the point without hesitation – or I will think again about that wonderful work of arts exposed in the Young Talents’ section and Olivia’s work (she’s a friend now, see? My dear Oli!).

This time I decided to be good, and not to spend my whole budget or do crazy things – even though I was really tempted… At the end of the fair, I landed again at the tiny and super bright space of a German Gallery (name), where a super nice and polite gentlemen chatted with us for a bit at the beginning of our visit there. At that time I didn’t know he was the artist exposing his own pieces there but I had for sure taken a close look at his amazing works and… after having spent an indefinable amount of time shortlisting my future purchase, I decided to buy one and only one piece, which I thought and still think it’s beautiful. I left my heart there with two other oh his pieces of art but hey, one can’t have everything!

For your info, and to go check it out his works: here you are his personal website “Massimo Danielis“. Thank me later.

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ph. vittoriamarchegiani
My baby ❤
ph. vittoriamarchegiani
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IG @vittoriamarchegiani
ph. vittoriamarchegiani
IG @vittoriamarchegiani
One of my favourite <3 IG @vittoriamarchegiani
One of my favourite ❤ IG @vittoriamarchegiani

But what about you? Have you ever visited the Affordable Art Fair here in Brussels or in any other city? What’s your relationship with art and art purchases, any expert around here? ‘Cause I’m not, but you don’t need to be an “expert” to feel something.
(Almost) Yours,

PS. Some other pics are up over on my Instagram account (both on my feeds and on my highlights)
PS. A post about “ArtBrussels” will be coming very soon!

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