ArtBrussels, “50 years young!”

ArtBrussels, I’ve learned, is the oldest international art fair in Europe together with Art Cologne, but let me say I’ve never breath so much damn vibrant freshness since ages! As the Director of the fair said in more than one interview: “Art Brussels is 50 years young!”, and nothing than this sentence can better describe the feelings and colours you could clearly felt on your peau down there.

Unfortunately, I am not a real art collector (yet?) or the owner of a gallery, but I have to say – again and again – that the fair was so well organised that the place was packed by kids (not that I like them, though…), young people enjoying a beer – or two – in the amazingly built terrasse just outside the fair/at the entrance of the “Mystic Properties” area, and people just browsing between one stand and another. In just a few word, it was a well spent afternoon, for sure – despite the canicule (heatwave) that was literally trying to kill me that week.

Without telling you all the things that you can read and learn from more specialised sources outher than me, allow me to add just a few words about what I liked there the most – with the eye of a simple visitor (and without taking into account my emotional link with all that’s art and all the question that – oh Thank God, if you’re there! – that I have now right here, arousing my brain).

I have to admit that – with some exceptions – the areas of the fair that I’ve appreciated the most was the “Discovery” (and re-discovery) area, and the “Solo” exhibitions (I think they were 22, if my memory isn’t playing me a trick). The first was dedicated to young artists that aren’t already well known at international level, while the latter was intended to let the visitor rediscover some talents of the pasts. No need to explain what “Solo” means but, trust me, these areas were more than fascinating.

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures guys (but some pretty nice stories are available on my profile on my pinned stories called “Bruxelles”), I was a bit overwhelmed and was literally super tired and killed off by the heatwave. I hate to admit I was a bit in a hurry (I’ve spent there I think 3 hours and a half, which wasn’t enough I guess), but I couldn’t leave my place earlier than 3/4pm and had to do something else that I couldn’t postpone during the evening, but hey, I managed to go and enjoy the fair so forgive me if I didn’t bring my camera(s) with me and had take a few pics with my iPhone – I’ve given precedence to the experience itself than the fact that I have a blog and a (shadow-banned) Instagram account. Sorry not sorry.

I feel a bit guilty that I haven’t bought the catalogue of the fair and most probably I will regret that as much as I now regret that I didn’t buy the Reina Sofia catalogue in Spain but God forgive me, if I don’t stop I would need a bigger apartment soon again.